Coronavirus (COVID-19) Moving Guidance

Last Update: Monday 19th July 2021

Although COVID restrictions have now eased, and we recognise that, in particular, mask-wearing is at your discretion, we are still taking the threat of the coronavirus very seriously and ask that all parties respect the wishes of our staff and clients.

If you are asked to wear a mask at a viewing, it is because we have been asked to do so by our clients, so please respect their wishes. Properties are often confined spaces, and so we want to ensure everyone is kept safe. Please remember that this is their home, not a public place.

Anyone who has COVID-19 or has any symptoms of COVID-19 or is currently in an isolation period must NOT enter the property.

If, as a client, you would prefer that people entering your property continue to wear a mask and adhere to some of the old rules, we are happy to abide by this.

Everyone at WeLocate would like to thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.