COVID-19 Viewing Policy

The government have stressed that although viewings ‘in-person’ can take place, we have by no means returned to normality.

All of the staff at WeLocate are committed to providing a safe viewing environment. We are adhering to the best practice guidelines set out by the Government and Public Health England, and are following updates from the World Health Organisation (WHO).   

Please be advised that while we will take all reasonable care to prevent the spread of the coronavirus both sellers/occupiers and applicants/viewers are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and undertake/accept viewings at their own risk.

Before booking any ‘in-person’ viewing, the following must be satisfied:

  • The applicant (or anyone in their household) has not had any recent symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature or new, continuous cough) or been self-isolating within the last 14-days. For clarity, NHS guidance can be found HERE.
  • The applicant has viewed any Virtual or Video tour available and spoken to a member of staff about their specific requirements to make sure the property is suitable. Find out more on why this is necessary by clicking HERE.
  • The applicant is in a position to proceed, i.e. they have secured a buyer on their property (with a complete chain) or can move without selling. Find out more on why this is necessary by clicking HERE.
  • The applicant has suitable funds in place and can provide evidence (cleared cash funds or a valid decision in principle from a bank). Find out more on why this is necessary by clicking HERE.
  • The applicant can provide their own hand sanitiser and PPE, i.e. face covering as a minimum. Government guidance on face masks can be found HERE.
  • The applicant undertakes not to touch any surface within the property where possible. 
  • The seller/occupier must refuse or cancel the viewing if anyone in the household has had symptoms within the last 14-days or has coronavirus.

A member of the team will ask you all of the above upon registering your details. Once we are in a position to book the viewing, you will receive a disclaimer form by email or text, which both viewers must complete before attending. Failure to complete the form may result in the viewing not taking place.

Before attending any ‘in-person’ viewing the following must be satisfied:

  • The seller/occupier confirms that they will vacate the property for the duration of the viewing.
  • The seller/occupier has cleaned the property including any external door handles etc. before vacating the property, leaving all internal doors open where possible.
  • The applicant must confirm that they, or anyone in their household, have not had any symptoms within the last 14-days and does not have coronavirus.
  • The applicant should arrive already wearing their own PPE, face-covering as a minimum. Government guidance on face masks can be found HERE.
  • The applicant must wait outside the property boundary (preferably in their vehicle) until the staff member confirms they can come in.
  • The staff member will ensure that all internal doors are already open and any lights required already switched on (if possible the seller/occupier should do this before leaving the house).
  • The staff member must ensure that the vendor/occupier has left the premises before allowing the applicants access.

At the viewing:

  • No more than two adults, & then only if from the same household, in addition to the staff member, may attend the viewing.*
  • The applicant must put on a face-covering before entering the property. Government guidance on face masks can be found HERE.
  • The applicants must put on disposable shoe covers provided by the agent before stepping inside the property.
  • The applicants must apply soap and water, or sanitiser to their hands before stepping inside the property. They may use their own, but the agent will be able to provide this.
  • A 2-metre distance should be maintained between the applicant/s and staff member wherever possible.
  • Under no circumstances should hands be shaken.
  • The staff member must wear new PPE, i.e. disposable shoe covers and a mask when attending a property.
  • The internal viewing should last no longer than 15 minutes.
  • The applicant is to dispose of shoe covers in the bin provided and use soap and water, or sanitiser if they wish, as they leave the property.
  • If you wish to ask any questions about the property, the agent will guide you as to how this can take place. Ideally, this will be outside maintaining a 2-metre distance or in a large room, again keeping a 2-metre distance. 

*We understand that during these difficult times, it can also be challenging to acquire childcare and that you might have no choice but to take children to viewings with you. We would, therefore, ask you to make us aware of your situation BEFORE you attend. We might be able to make alternative arrangements or offer guidance as to how the viewing can take place.

Our viewing representatives are instructed to decline access to a property if applicants arrive without the correct PPE, refuse to wear PPE, or more than two people turn up (unless pre-arranged).

After the viewing:

  • The staff member should make sure the applicants have left the premises before the vendor/occupier returns (or another viewer arrives).
  • The staff member should wipe down any door handles, switches or surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes as they leave the property and/or before the seller/occupier returns or another viewer enters.
  • PPE and wipes must be disposed of carefully in a suitable waste bag to be kept in the boot of the car and hands should be washed with soap and water, or sanitiser afterwards, and before getting back in the car.
  • On return to the office (or home), the staff member should wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly.
  • The staff member must alert the managing director to any breach of the above that could result in possible contamination.

We would politely ask that all applicants and vendors are patient while the new operating procedures are implemented. Everyone will need time to adjust to the ‘new normal’ and the safety of our staff and clients is of paramount importance to us.