Do you want £5,000 from your estate agent?  We can give it to you.

The local property market is booming with both investors and homeowners looking to buy across the Manchester area, but are you getting the maximum price possible?  After a number of turbulent years, selling a property is easier than it has been for quite some time and, if priced correctly, you should have no shortage of viewings and, in a lot of cases, multiple offers – but are they the right offers?

The problem with this buoyant market is that it can promote laziness in estate agents, they don’t think they need to try as hard to sell your house because others are ‘flying off the shelf’ – and this laziness – which is becoming ever more prevalent in estate agents of today – is manifesting itself in sub-standard photographs and details.

Poor photography comes in many forms, from the obvious to the not so obvious. And now we’ve pointed it out, you’ll probably start to see it more and more.  How many times have you looked at a property online and seen underwear on a radiator, pots and pans all over the kitchen or a cat lying on a bed?  These are some of the obvious things you will have seen that are off-putting, but there are also things that people may not notice unless they are pointed out, things like poor angles that make rooms look small, poor lighting or clutter that draws your eyes away from the room, like cables sticking out of the side of the television or dishes around the sink.

Can this really cost you money?  Absolutely!  In 2017 we took on a number of properties that had been listed with other estate agents who had taken sub-standard photographs and put in little effort in other areas: many had no floor plans and the write up was generic.  Due to not selling, the other estate agents asked the vendor to lower their asking price. Thankfully for them, they turned to us.  After doing ‘proper’ photographs, write-ups and floor plans we sold a number of them – and for more than they were being asked to reduce to.  When taking pictures, we try to get every property ‘show home ready’, after all 98% of buyers will find your property online and make all their assumptions based on the first few seconds of looking at your pictures.

In November five properties were photographed twice each to see how much people thought they were worth.  The first time from poor angles with clutter and mess everywhere and the second time from good angles, after the rooms had been cleared and tidied.  Of all the people surveyed, the properties in the ’good photographs’ were thought to be worth, on average, an extra £5,000 or more.

£5,000 that is essentially given to you or taken away from you by an estate agent, depending on whether they showcase your property properly or not.

Is that something you want to leave to chance?

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