With the local property market being so strong there is never really a bad time to buy or sell a home, however, in spring the property market really does come alive.  If you are one of the many people considering selling your property, then now is the best time to put the wheels in motion.

One of the reasons that make the property market so busy at this time of year is the sheer volume of buyers.  Even though a lot of smart buyers look at properties all year round as they don’t want to miss their dream home just because it is winter, many people choose to wait until the clocks change and the days are long before they start arranging viewings.  This is mainly because you see the property in a better light if you have to view outside of standard work hours.

Having an increased number of buyers in the market obviously brings a higher demand for the properties that are available and therefore, an increased number of viewings per property.  If an estate agent manages the viewings properly you will get offers – sometimes multiple offers, and then they can be negotiated to ensure you get the best possible price for your property.

Not in a rush to sell – think again.

Timing is key.  A lot of people want to move home in the summer holidays when they have time scheduled off work, and the average time it takes for a sale to go through from accepting an offer to completing the sale is 12 weeks.  Factor in the time it takes to sell the property and March/April really is the latest that you should be instructing an estate agent if you want to move by the end of August.

Properties always look better in spring and summer. The flowers are blooming, there are fewer leaves on the ground and peoples’ lawns can be better tended to.  This helps you get a much better ‘kerb appeal’, which as we all know is hugely important when selling a property – not many people decide to buy a property by looking at the outside but many people will decide NOT to.

If you are thinking of selling your home then WeLocate can guide you through the process. By calling on WeLocate, you will receive a detailed, honest valuation followed by superb marketing including professional photographs, a detailed floor-plan and brochure then high-quality customer service to take you from the first viewing through to the day your sale goes through.

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