Rightmove is the UK’s leading property portal, so your eventual buyer will likely start their search there. But with lots of competition for similar houses in the same area, what else besides home staging, amazing photos, and videography can help you stand out?

Introducing premium and featured listings!

Premium Listings

A premium listing is double the size of a standard box, allowing us to display larger pictures and more images to grab the attention of scrolling browsers.

Rightmove reports that premium listings generate 20% more property detail views than a standard listing – so why don’t all agents use them? It’s a matter of perspective.

Premium listings cost £250, but unlike some of our competitors, we think it’s worth it if spending more now will reap rewards for our clients down the line.


Featured Property Listings

Rightmove position featured property listings at the top of the search results page. Like a premium listing, this tactic generates twice the visibility – great news for properties that naturally appear further down numerically. Featured listings also activate buyers’ curiosity, which leads the viewers straight to your front door.

Featured property boxes retail at £500. However, every seller will be given one during the most important stage of marketing – the first seven days – completely free of charge.