Some estate agents will claim you’re the best person to show people around your home. After all, you know your home better than anyone – right?

We disagree. Your estate agent is an expert in selling property, so they should conduct the viewings. That’s what you’re paying for in the commission fee.

A good estate agent listens for buying signals and can respond professionally and skilfully. This ensures your buyer feels comfortable and secure enough to share their thoughts and feedback with us, and we can use this information during negotiations.

We will conduct all viewings for you as standard.

Offers & Skilled Negotiation

Remember, on average, we achieve 101.3% of the asking prices for our clients – the best in the area. How do we accomplish this? By mastering the negotiation stage!

We’re confident that our marketing will produce multiple viewings and offers, giving you all the control. A bidding war often begins when more than one party places an offer. Handled correctly, this can lead to results beyond your highest expectations.

Skilled negotiation is THE most important part of the selling process, yet it’s one of the most overlooked aspects when someone chooses who should market their biggest asset. Instead, many sellers get bogged down trying to identify who charges the lowest fee, even though the eventual sale price is the most important thing to consider.

At WeLocate, we use our decades of experience in marketing and property negotiation to attract strong offers and generate as high a sale price as we can for our clients. We do this by working with offers rather than simply communicating them to our sellers.

Inexperience in this area can cost you thousands! Still not convinced?

Imagine you list your house for £300,000. Who do you want representing you – Agent One (who charges 0.75% but achieves 98% of the asking price on average) or Agent Two (who charges 1.5% and reaches 101.3%)?

Yes, the £2,250 difference in fee is quite a chunk. However, if Agent Two achieves 3.3% more than Agent One, you’ll make an extra £9,900. Who’s the cheapest agent now?

We want to protect our astonishing track record – so you can rest assured our skilled negotiators will work hard to achieve the highest possible price for your home.